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Herp Range Limits

Distribution Maps for Amphibians and Reptiles at the edge of their range in New York State Citation: Lyons-Swift, L., and T. Howard. 2010. Distribution maps for amphibians and reptiles at the edge of their range in New York State. New York Natural Heritage Program, Albany, NY. 47 pages. Abstract: In this report we identify the herpetofauna (amphibians and reptiles) at the edge of their range in NYS. Of the 74 herpetofauna known to occur in New York, 28 are at the edge of their range in the state with an additional 7 having a limited but variable distribution. Continental range maps, where available, confirm this finding. Of the 35 edge-of-range species identified, two had a northern distribution pattern (pages 7-9), nine were southern (pages 10-19), 12 were southeastern (20-32), five were western (pages 33-38), and seven were considered variable (pages 39-46). The NYS Herpetological Database (approximately 90,000 records) provides observation records and allows us to present the statewide distributions in a way that provides perspective on movements of range edges that may have already occurred. Using the NYS Herpetological Database, we mapped all 35 species with restricted distributions by location and by date of observation. Dates of observations ranged from 1805 to the present. While some species have some indication of changes in their distribution, further analysis would be required to quantify these changes. Click here to download the full report.